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June 29, 2021

Finding your ideal routine: Step 01 // Cleanse

Nourish curls on washday with the Imbue Curl Liberating Sulphate Free Shampoo. It’s curl friendly formula is free from sulphates, giving a gentle and hydrating cleanse to effortlessly remove product build-up and impurities.

Suitable for daily use, the Curl Liberating Sulphate Free Shampoo sets the perfect tone for your curls. The scalp friendly shampoo moisturises and nourishes while the hydrating formula leaves hair looking shiny and defined.

Michelle Sultan, Imbue Brand Ambassador and Creative Director explains… 

“...To avoid product build up and clogged follicles, the cleanse step is one of the most important when it comes to curly hair. Sulphate free shampoo helps to maintain natural moisture levels in the hair without stripping away natural oils. Curly hair tends to be drier because of the way it grows out of the scalp from an oval shaped follicle. The Curl Liberating Sulphate Free Shampoo lifts build-up and grime without stripping hair of essential oils.”

“As you probably know by now, at Imbue we are committed to only using ingredients that are good for curly hair not just for that one wash and go but longer term too...”

Sustainably Sourced Ingredients are KEY: 

Exotic butters and natural oils build the foundation of our range - all of which bring a number of curl-loving benefits to your haircare regime…

Cupuaçu Seed Butter: Rescue & Repair: Collected from the Cupuaçu tree native to the Amazonian Rainforest, our sustainably sourced Cupuaçu Butter is a rich moisturising ingredient that helps to rescue damaged hair, detangle and seal the cuticle whilst nourishing curls from root to tip.

Coconut Water – Refresh & Revitalise: This lightweight ingredient is perfect for refreshing and revitalising the hair and scalp. It’s used within the Curl Liberating Sulphate Free Shampoo to hydrate and cleanse curls for hair that feels lighter and full of life.

Castor Oil – Healthy scalp & healthy hair: Caster Oil has a long list of benefits associated with healthy hair and a healthy scalp. It gives fantastic slip to curls - helping to reduce tangles and hair breakage. Rich in Vitamin E, this highly moisturising oil is often called out as the hair-care cure-all with many anecdotally linking this oil to hair growth.

Shea Butter Extract – Softening Curls: Derived from Shea Butter, this replenishing ingredient is perfect for even the most delicate of curls. Due to its excellent emollient properties, it moisturises and softens leaving dry hair feeling replenished.

Your cleansing technique...

Michelle says…

"Saturate hair with water, then smooth through with palms of hands focusing on the roots, whilst using fingertips to gently massage the scalp. A shampoo scalp brush can help to cleanse the scalp without tangling hair, whilst encouraging micro-circulation at the root."

Top tip: Want the lather? Add some extra water to increase the foam and boost those bubbles!

End Result: Gently cleansed hair and scalp, curls left feeling smooth and nourished.

Everything you need to get started...