Imbue Define & Style Brush Imbue Define & Style Brush Imbue Define & Style Brush
Imbue Define & Style Brush
Imbue Define & Style Brush
Imbue Define & Style Brush
Always Vegan
100% Curl Girl Compliant
Free from Mineral Waves
Free from Oil based Silicones
Shipped sustainably
BRUSHES-ACCESSORIES Imbue Define & Style Brush
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Enhance and shape your natural curl pattern for effortless styling. And stay in control from root to tip with our non-slip handle.

Imbue Define & Style Brush has been designed to bring curl definition and bounce to the next level. This isn't a traditional brush - as in it's not designed to primarily detangle your hair. The evenly spaced rounded pins glide through all types of curls and coils, smoothing them and creating clumps that enhance their definition. It allows styling products to be applied more evenly, so that you can achieve more hold and reduce unwanted frizz. The pins rest on a rubber pad that prevents static and frizz - it's also removable so you can clean it up with ease!

The 7 rows of round ended nylon pins are customisable: you can remove some if you have thicker hair to achieve the level of definition you require. Their design allows the brush to glide effortlessly, without pulling or snagging. Play around with the pin placement until you find thhe solution that works best for you.

Always – Vegan, cruelty-free, sustainably-sourced packaging and ethically-sourced materials.

Never – non-recyclable finishes or single-use plastics.

Made from 100% recycled and recyclable plastic.

Celebrate and respect the power of your curls with Imbue. It’s not about controlling kinks, curls and coils, it’s about liberating them.

STEP 1: divide your hair in sections, to ensure application is even

STEP 2: apply your styling product of choice one section at a time

STEP 3: use the Define & Style Brush to comb the product through and create curl clumps

STEP 4: scrunch if you want to encourage your pattern to spring back up

  • Vegan
  • 100% PCR
  • 100% recyclable