Throughout the winter months, curls can become dry and in need of some moisture.

Constant temperature changes from the cold winter weather to central heating indoors, can suck the moisture from hair, leaving it feeling brittle and fragile.


Bring the bounce back to your curls, with the Imbue Curl Restoring Mask. Part of our Condition regime Step 02 it’s packed with protein to repair damage and strengthen from roots to ends, this rich yet lightweight hair mask nourishes, hydrates and moisturises in minutes. An Intensive Hair Mask designed for Kinks, Curls & Coils 3A through to 4C containing only Curl Girl compliant ingredients.

Like a hug for your hair in a tub, Coconut, Cupuaçu and Shea within the vegan formulation work together to replenish and strengthen curls, leaving them plump, hydrated and bursting with energy.

No wash day is complete without Conditioning to add slip to the hair which is essential for lubricating curls and allowing that comb, or your fingers, to slip through the hair without snagging. An important part of our condition stage is the Imbue Curl Restoring Mask to deliver much needed moisture to respect and restore curls.

Imbue Creative Director and Brand Ambassador, Michelle Sultan, shares the reasons for why the Imbue Curl Restoring Mask is your winter must-have.

  • During the colder months you need to use a hair mask (A LOT!). This simple step will help prevent breakage and stop brittle, dry ends from snapping.
  • Use every opportunity to keep your hair in the best condition as possible. Whether you’re chilling at home or out for a walk, pop on the Mask to deeply nourish the hair.
  • The Imbue Curl Restoring Mask contains the perfect level of protein to ensure hair is nourished, strengthened and hydrated.
  • Often when there is too much protein present in a mask, this can weigh down curls and make it feel brittle to touch.

Our vegan hair treatment mask also comes in a handy travel travel size. This handy travel size is also ideal to try out our hair treatment and can be found here

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